An international English magazine publishing the papers written about the ways to develop the agriculture in developing countries.

Published in A4 size. About 100 pages every issue.

Subscription Fee: 8,000 YEN/Annual(4 issues/sea mail),including postage
(Published from Farm Machinery Industrial Research Corp.)

Message from the President

Our company marked its 88th anniversary in 2021, since the former-president Yoshikuni Kishida has established “Chugai Norin Shinbun-sha” in 1933.

As the world dramatically developed its technology of agricultural machinery, we have held many competitions, workshops, and research and development seminars for major agricultural machineries.

We have been sending brand new information around the world by our publication such as “Agricultural Machinery News” weekly and “Farming Mechanization” monthly. Also, we publish specialized books useful for trading in agricultural machinery field, such as “Farm Machinery Yearbook”, “Credit Research on Agricultural Machinery Industrial and Commercial Firms”, and “Farm Machinery Price Guide”. We are eager for becoming a guide of agricultural machinery field.

Some of the activities that we used to have been holding were relegated to other organizations (“Shin-Norin New Year Celebration” and “Machine Type Conversation Party” was relegated to NichiNo-ko (Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturer’s Association). However, dispatching delegation party to developed countries has been continuing since the establishment of the company. We have been also giving awards and scholarships for developing human resources.


Today, awards such as “ASABE Kishida International Award” is instituted and being awarded. From the establishment of our company in 1933, an agricultural machinery library is placed and can be used at our main office. Also, Japanese chess championships and baseball games are held continuously to promote friendships among members of the industry.


Uneven distribution and lack of food in the world is calculated to grow into a serious problem, and it is said that agricultural mechanization will play a great role more than before. We will continue trying to be a global information-exchanging center of agricultural machinery.